Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Warning: Those of you with low tolerance for bad singing should NOT watch the below video.

I've had my 4th group of Kiwi visitors come and go last week, with Caroline & Edwina dragging along a couple of mates and camping out in my spare room for 6 days.
We took the girls along for a long-awaited sesh in the karaoke rooms, with the Energizer Bucky (he just keeps going when he's on the mike) and "Dios" Mio (who is indeed a vocal OMG).
We hit a point 2 hours in with 3 tracks - Bohemian Rhapsody, In The End and Wannabe (yes, we are shameless) where the energy was so high that...well, it's been a long time since karaoke like that. We should have sung "Like a Virgin", because that's how it felt. I even think there was bleeding.

Looking back on the videos, however, is a bit like seeing drunken photos. Did I really look that munted? Or, in this case, did we really sound that bad?
I had a feeling we did - well, that *I* did, as recently I lose my voice after an hour of the 'roke. But I didn't expect we'd sound like sick dogs going down a coal-chute.
Still, this video is very entertaining, if only for Mio's reaction to our stupidity.
Enjoy. At least, don't judge me. More than you already have.

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