Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Afraid of the dark?

Warning: This post contains graphic makeup. And bugs.

Photography buff blog Sooth Brush posted some time last year about the delightfully chilling work of a certain Joshua Hoffine, a man obsessed (possessed) with childhood fear art photography. The brilliant composition and art that goes into the pics is just as impressive as the fact that they aren't photoshop edits, but straight shots with only colour adjustments and tweaking done by computer. The rest is all family & friends, a bunch of free time and an artful eye, resulting in vivid images that shock in their contrast of stark gore with symbols of purity & innocence.

Check out Joshua's site to buy signed prints - or even a brooch version of the beasty below. Or just give him blog love.

Props to Rodney for the linkage.

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Sarah-Rose and Craig said...

Those are AMAZING.
I was haunted for years by an image in a book of a lady with snakes and bugs coming out of her face. In nowhere near such a horrifying manner though.